Monday, April 11, 2011

My Super Cool Car!

Back then, I was not a really big fan of toys. That changed however, as I grew older. Now, I have so many fun and colorful toys, they just don't fit into one toy storage anymore!

And that's just half of them! However, among all, I have got one particular favorite! I'd like to call it my very super cool remote control car!

Why is it super cool? Let me tell you. ONE, the tires are nothing like the tires at papa's car -- they aren't plain black. They've got cool colors flashing out like disco light! Weewoo weewoo!

TWO, it can turn 360°, no kidding! I am sure your daddy's car can't do this, heh!

And THREE, it listens to me because I get to control where it goes! So if I press on the right button and say, "Go right, boy!", it will go right. And if I press on the other button and say, "Turn around, boy!", it will, of course, turn! I can't make it dance just yet, but I'll check the manual back later. :P

See, if you want to control this cool car, you have to have a style! In Malay, we say it "kena ada gaya," Hehe. Okay, here's how you do it. First, you have to tilt your body a bit to the left, like this.

Then, you bend forward, like this! Eh, make sure your hands are still controlling the car ok!

Or if you simply can't think of any "gaya", you can of course simply stand like this. Tapi, tak cool lah you know.

Papa told me that he was such a fan of Tamiya cars back then, he even entered a competition for it and won! Much to my surprise, mama told me she too, had a Tamiya car which she named Dancing Doll when she was a kid! I know now where I got this "gaya" from. :)


amirah said...

Aydein is such a darling la..kejap je dah besar tau..hugss from me...=))

MumTalks said...



babe,I gelak gile tgk gaya cute!!
OMG..Aydein..both of ur parent big fan of Tamiya car ek...;)no wonderla..

Adam skrang pun tgh duk gile main remote car..I dont know where he got idea to remove getah dekat keta dia that his car boleh buat 360deg drift..I guessed it was in blood..minat keta like his papa...

gud job Aydein!!!muahs!!

worryfather said...

Wah.. Aydein is very smart.. so young know how to drive.. :)

I also has boxes of toys that my daughter seldom play.

Her favourite? iPhone.. but we seldom let her play.. :)

sarah sofian said...

hahahhahaha...i tak tahan tgk muka dia berkerut2 nak bagi kereta tu jalan..hehehehhehehhe...siap senget2 badan tu...hahahhahaha!!

Thara said...

amirah :
kannn! i pon tak sangka tiba-tiba je die dah nak turn 2 dah. haihs, my boy is growing up so fast! :(

mum talks :
thanks! (altho i dunno what lodor means :P)

nadia :
hahah yes, aien dulu siap ada kit bag utk spare part "kete" die tu ok. i takde la segila dia, tp layan jugak la kete tamiya tu dulu :P

fuiyoooo! bagos bagos, ada darah kereta mengalir dlm jiwa dia. keep it up, adam! nanti bole pi drift dgn aydein ok! :D

Thara said...

worryfather :
hahaha. u mean so young know how to 'drive' eh :P heyyy, same lohhhh! aydein also lovesss to play with my iphone! i wouldnt wanna stop his 'development' tho, so i let him explore! now he's an expert iphone 'user'! :P

ayun :
kannnnnnn! mcm ape je punye la dok concentrate. padahal men remote control je. T___T

Nadine said...

OMG, cutenya Aydein beraksi dgn remote control car dia tu! Plg tak tahan bila dia bend his body tu, bersungguh2 tul anak bujang you! :)

Waaa, u pun minat Tamiya dulu eh Thara? Not bad... :) I tak minat, stakat tlg kemaskan my brother punye spare part kit (toolbox actually) ade la. Tp Fadzil yes, mmg minat Tamiya. Skang sume collection Tamiya dia dh pass kat Faaz, tp Faaz xminat. Hehe, Faaz minat remote control car dia je - BMW X6. Memilih tul anak bujang I :)

BTW, kisses to Aydein k, smakin hari smakin comels!

BabyBooned said...

gosh he really looks like a big boy in these pictures

Bella Enveeus said...

Awww so cute! Patutlah ada gaya, mama n papa nya pun sama ye.. :)