Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Forgetful Forgetter

Hi, I am Thara and I am a forgetful person.

And because of that, I might be pregnant. Again. Haha. And there goes the whole pregnancy drama again. Sighssss.

I know I know, I've been taking this whole I-dont-want-to-get-pregnant-again thing a little overboard. And it seems that the more I try my mighty best to try to avoid it, the more it starts to backfire on me. But really. I am seriously tired of worrying over the matter each time "accident" happens, or when... this case happens. All the people around me kept telling me that I should be thankful if I do have another baby. Kalau dah memang rezeki, tak boleh nak di elak. I understand this very well, tapiiiiii ...

I also think Allah does not approve of my manner. Maybe that's why even though I have a daily-pill-reminder that will bleep at my screen at the appointed time to remind me of the pill, I still fail to take it - like today.

Urgh no one else to blame but me. Me me me.

I knew well right from the very beginning, that pill would not work very well with me because I am a very forgetful person. I wanted to take the implant method instead but my gynae discouraged me. She said the implant could possibly make me fat. I did not want to take the risk considering the figure that I already have now (sobs sobs), so I agreed to take the pills instead. I am planning to take the shot though, but only when I finish taking these pills.

But now that I have missed the pill (the pill must be taken every day at the exact time and is considered as missed if it is taken more than 3 hours late) by just 5 hours, I now need to take extra precaution, if you know what I mean. My husband is not going to be very happy about it but sighs. What to do. O husband, please forgive me.


bintiegen said...

ish x phm cite ape ni? ahaha.
or maybe i dont have any experience in it. ekeke.

EinsamSoldat said...

Hmmm.... dun worry, just let it be natural :)

Thara said...

bintie : haha. itu lah kene kawen dulu baru paham haha. :P

chow: yeah. sick of looking over my shoulder everytime it happens. sighs. :(