Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Let's Blow Bubbles!

Aydein has acquired a new skill at 4 months plus which really gave me that pleasant surprise the first time he did it – blowing bubbles!

He does this quite a lot nowadays.
He does it when he's happy, bored, even when he's upset about something! :P

I cant wait for more sweet surprises from him! :)


RieNa said...

alololo..dia tersedu lah. comel betul dok bubbles mcm tu.nawal skrg suka jelir2 lidah. pasaipa ntah.

*miszleen* said...

aaa aydein skang makin encem..bile la auntie leen dapat jumpe die~ hehe

Thara said...

kak riena : hehe amik gamba nawal masa dia buat camtu, nak tengok! :P

leen : tu laaaa. bila laaa auntie leen ni nak mai jumpa baby aydein ni. ;) lama dah die tunggu. :P