Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pregnant Again?

It's been 2 months now since my Aunt Flow last visited me that I cant help to wonder.. could it be that I am pregnant again?

I shudder at the thought of it.

I can still remember that fateful night. As we all know, accident happens. And when it happened, I remember being quite frantic about it. I remember even blaming myself for not going for any forms of contraception methods right after my delivery. Not that I dont want another baby, but the timing is just not right. I still haven’t had enough of Aydein and can you imagine how it will be like for me to have another baby at this time? It will be too complicated considering all things.

Yes, many have done it, but I do not want to be one of the "many's". I want to pamper Aydein and give him my undivided attention, love and care until he is at least 2. Or 3. It depends.

I read that it is possible to avoid pregnancy after unprotected intercourse by taking the ECP (Emergency Contraceptive Pill) pills which is usually used in case like this. But since I found out from my gynae that taking the pill would be harmful to my breastfed baby, I decided not to take it, and left everything into His hands.

Anyway. Anxious to know the result, I took a pregnancy test 3 days after my period was supposed to due. It was negative. My sister who is a doctor told me that it is possible that the test was taken a little too early for my hormones to show and that I should repeat the test in a week's time. I did, and I still tested negative. I tested again for the third time right after Raya, and it was still negative although there was still no sign of my Aunt Flow coming!

I was getting even more anxious, and confused. But after 3 negatives, Aien and I thought it's best that we see my gynae, and get it confirmed with a scan. So we went to SJMC, took another urine test and a detailed scan in my tummy, and guess what!

see that little "negative (-)" sign?

I'm officially not pregnant! Alhamdulillah. :)
I learnt my lesson though, and asked the doctor to prescribe me some contraceptive pills right there and then. Hehe.

Anyway, remember my previous entry about me being unable to consume the Milkmaid Tea just yet? It's because I read that it is not safe for pregnant mummies. I did not want to take any chances, so I had to put the tea aside until I get my pregnancy result confirmed.

And now that it is confirmed (insyaallah), I will start gulping them down every single day starting today! I hope it helps, so wish me luck! ;)


princess J said...
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princess J said...

your days are really exciting... more updates on Aydein please? ehehee