Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Yours Truly Returns!

Oh wow.

Oh wow, oh wow.

It has truly been quite some time since I last scribbled something here. Wait no, it has almost been A YEAR since I last scribbled something here. Not that my disappearance bothers anyone of you kannn :P but anyhow I've decided to start blogging again and well, lets just hope that I wont start getting malas all over again and abandon this blog like project rumah terbengkalai dkt blakang rumah I tu okay. hee :D Anyways. This entry is going to be a bit long, so bare with me yea.

Well, truth to be told, many things happened while I was "away".

One of the "many things" was the fact that I got pregnant. Unlike many pregnant mums out there, I was keeping my pregnancy very low. Not that I was not proud of being pregnant, but honestly, I was afraid. I was afraid of the sick, horrible news I keep hearing from people around me.

“I lost my baby at 2 months,”
“I don’t know what happened but suddenly I could not feel my baby moving anymore,”
“I woke up one morning and I bled excessively. Next thing I knew, my baby is gone,”

Everytime I hear this kind of news, I get chills to my bone. I can imagine how heartbreaking it must be for those expectant mums posting joyous entries about their little gift from God, only to have to post another entry telling their readers how they have lost them.

That is why, I have decided to keep it low and embrace the happy days only with my husband, family and close friends.

Anyhow, now that my little precious is safely brought into this world, like many other mums out there, I am now proud to announce him to the world! And since I've been getting a lot of hows labor like for you? and how long were you in labor? and hows baby now? and hows life being a new mum? and everything as such, I have decided to save all of you the troubles and post my labor experience and baby updates here from now onwards instead. :)

So, until you hear from me again! xoxo.


Dookie said...

Hi Thara, Congrate on your 1st baby and have a blessed ramadhan and aidilfitri.

warmest regards,

Thara said...

Hi Dookie,

Thanks for the warm wishes :)
Happy Eid to you too :)