Wednesday, September 16, 2009

From The Diary of Ahmad Aydein

Dear Diary,

I am sure by now you must already know who I am. But in case you’ve forgotten, yes, I am Ahmad Aydein, proud son of mummy Thara and daddy Aien. I was born on the 31st of May at 3.03pm and am now 3 months 16 days! Lets do some flash back now, shall we?

Here's how I look like as a newborn :

During this time, I remember being latched on mama almost all the time! I remember mama being quite depressed during this time as I kept waking her up, almost every hour, (sometimes less) for feeds. I heard Opah suggesting to my mama how she should pump so that Opah or papa can help feeding me, but again she could not, because I did not sleep much, and all I wanted was to be in the comfort of my mama’s warm embrace.

Everytime I finished feeding, she would put me down, and I would start crying again, and she would pick me up over again to comfort me. Forgive me, mama. I did not quite like this new world that you have just introduced me. I felt so vulnerable and tiny. But I also remember you telling me when I was still in your tummy that I needed to grow strong and healthy, and that is why I needed all the nourishments from you, that is why I kept on asking feeds from you – to become just that!

But look what I have become, mama! All thanks to you and the Almighty, I am now a chubby, healthy baby!

I remember being just as little as 2.75kgs when I was born, but at 6.8kgs now, even 10 minutes of feeding me would make your arms numb eh? Heee. But now that I am a tad bit older, I think I look a lot like you, lah mama. I heard many people commenting the same thing, and I could not agree more! I know now where I got my handsome features from! Heee. Oh, here’s a picture to prove it.

(click on picture for larger view)

Can you tell which and which? :D

Anyways. This blogging stuff is really fun, no? But I think I should stop now or I might get hungry again and pester my mama for more milk. Hehe. I will write again soon!

- Aydein.


Anonymous said...

sama ngan saper thara ke aien nie ..confuse...hahaha :P

Thara said...

tengok la betol2! :P

RieNa said...

haha! ayun ada crita mcm mana baby aydein kemaruk nak nenen ja..sampai mummy dia tensen lah. tp lagi kita tensen,lagik dia buat hal.kan??

tu ayun kamu pesan kat k riena, kena tenang dan rileks sj,baru baby kita pun tenang dan rileks jgk.

masa sgt cpt bergerak,our babies pun makin cpt membesar.

Thara said...

tu lah. ade one point tu, tiqah rasa tiqah dah nak naik meroyan dah, psl terlalu tak cukup tido. baru je nak lelap, baby merengek nak susu. kire asek melekat je dulu tau. sighs. but hes getting better now alhamdulillah :)

betol kak riena. kejap je bb dah besa kan. thats why dulu masa tiqah dok merungut2 bb asek nk melekat dulu, tiqah ada baca satu article ni. die ckp : treasure this precious moment, as they wont be babies forever.

how true!

RieNa said...

betul. sbb tu k riena tak pnh ckp nak nawal cpt2 besar, sbb nanti kita rindukan dia masa dia baby.

dia sgt magic sampai kita boleh berdiri lama2 tenung dia yg hanya tido lena...