Friday, November 21, 2008

I Am Blessed

Decisions, choices, options!

These are the things in life which you will have to make in order to decide what’s best for you. It is important to weigh the options you have carefully. So when you finally make up your mind, you leave no room for dismay. Like those colorful delicious looking ice cream above. Which would you choose?

It’s 2.10pm while I’m writing this. I should already be on my way searching for PH Floor, 4th Wing, at Sri Pentas. 20 minutes away before I sit with poise, legs crossed, full of charisma in the Interview Room for Corporate Communication Exec position for TV3 – like I have done many times before.

But I am not in the Interview Room. I am still here in front of my lappy, writing my heart away. Yes, I turned the offer down. An opportunity working with TV3, and I turned it down. Good advancement. Bright future. Even better pay. But I turned it down. I must be out of my mind.

But I am not. I have my own reason - a very valid reason – which I am not going to reveal here, not yet. I have consulted my parents, my husband, and I am convinced that I have made the right decision. And I just have to say no.

No regrets, no no.

Looking back, I am blessed to have lived the life I live. I was given with many good opportunities but I had the option to choose.
  • An offer to work with DiGi – offer turned down.
  • An offer to work as an English Teacher for governments’ school. – offer turned down.
  • An offer to work with SPA – offer turned down.
Those are some of the good offers that I have received, but taking all things in, I chose to turn down the offers. Sometimes, it is not just about how well the company is known, or how big the company can pay you. Sometimes, it is just about your passion. And what you love to do. All of which I find in the company I am working with rather faithfully right now, the one and only Exabytes. :) Well, for the time being. :P

Someone used to tell me, don’t work for money. Work for the thing that you love. Indeed, it was one of the bests piece of advice anyone could ever given me. :)

Sure, life has got its up and down. But I know Allah is always there, guiding me, and giving His best, for me and my future.

I know, I am blessed. :)


RieNa said...

itulah ayun ada ckp,
"si tiqah tu murah rezeki betui,mcm2 offer keja sampai.."

tp tu lah, kita kena buat apa yg kita suka.kalau kita takde minat gaji byk mana pun tarak guna punya...

ohh ya..
ayun kamu ada gerak hati yg baik terhadap kwnnya ni.
kak riena x bgtau pun,tp dia sendiri yg sms dan tanya,
"weh,hang dah pregnant belum?aku mimpi smlm..."

so begitulah ceritanya.
kita doakan rezeki dia pulak.

take care!

Anonymous said...

i suppose pre-motherhood has moulded you into a much wiser person :) unfortunately, still deranged.

Thara said...

@kak riena : itu lah. rezeki masing2 kan. alhamdulillah :)

@anonymous aka haniza : haha. i know! :P

Anonymous said...

hope u alwayz b blessed by god..amin :D

Anonymous said...

not to forget your husband too!! ~

Thara said...

@anonymous : thanks! whoever u are, u're a very nice person and i'd like to know u! :)