Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Little Family & Raya

Raya was extra fun this year!

Of course it has got to do with the additional member in the family, my charming little Aydein, to spice things up this year.

I had fun playing dress-up with him! :D Now that he has gained quite a weight, it's really nice to see him in his new, nicely-fitted Raya outfits!

rugged and handsome - my personal favorite

heart breaker - haha. tak lah, baby kan? :P
collared white romper - for first raya

mr milkman - haha love this!

long sleeve & jeans - his first jeans!

Oh so fun! I cant even imagine what I would buy, and do, if I were to have a daughter! :P Anyways, I wanted so much to see him in his one and only silver baju melayu that we bought earlier to match with our silver theme for first raya, but as all of you might have guessed, the baju melayu is still a wee-bit too big for him! Ish. Really, they should have those with size 0! But anyhu, we are keeping it for next raya, hoping that he wont outgrow his baju melayu by that time. Slim chance I know, but we'll see how it goes anyway. :)

Believe it or not, later that night, we rushed off to Johor. Imagine the journey from Penang all the way to Johor. Utara-Selatan ok! Penat macam nak mati, gua cakap sama lu. I mean you know, dah penat-penat beraya sana sini, makan itu ini, packing-packing, kena lari ke Johor pulak – on the same day!

But we are lucky, well, in a way, to have an F1 driver in the family. So regardless the "Biar Lambat Asal Selamat" campaign thrown by the government, my husband who has a need for speed drove *ready or not* . . . 220km/h, sometimes pushing it to even 240km/h all the bloody way! We were VERY lucky we reached Johor safely in one piece! So instead of the usual 7-8 hours drive that my dad usually take (haha), we reached Johor in just 4 hours – record! Banyak la kau punye record.

Raya at Johor was very tiring, but enjoyable nonetheless. We went as a big family in my sister in law's Alphard, so you can imagine how hectic and "ribut" the MPV was, with 2 babies, 3 kids, and 7 adults in it! Poor Aydein, who is quite a traveler, even went quite berserk at the end of the day. Mana tak nya. We started beraya at about 11am in the morning, and we only came back at about 1am the next morning! Yes, we were out on the road, visiting Aien’s relatives and close families for more than 12 hours that day! Sorry boy, blame it on papa okay. Hehe.

This is taken on our way to raya visits - before he went berserk. :P

Happy betol dia nak pi beraya. For the first few hours, that is. :P

Anyway, although I know this has been delayed, on behalf of Aien and Aydein, I would still like to wish all of you out there, Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin to you and family. Please forgive our wrongdoings to you, and may your Eid be filled with lots of celebrations and festivities. Have a joyous and sparkling Eid, everybody!


RieNa said...

hei, aien lajunya bwk kereta. dgn baby inside the car???

bahaya tuh..

alhamdulillah selamat sampai.

lain kali jgn buat mcm tu dah..kalau jd apa2, tak kesian kat aydein??

Thara said...

haha marah aien, kak riena. tiqah dok syok tido. tup2 dah sampai! :P

bintiegen said...

serius comeyl!
sgt comeyl!
gile comeyl!
ske gile the 1st pic...
honestly, time tgk aydein kecik2 baby...cm x bp comeyl...
tp bl dh bsr sket...comeyl siot!
ske gile tgk...

Thara said...

@bintie : hehe. aww thanks! tu lah. masa awal2 dulu pon heran jugak apesal laaa anak i ni gelap. tapi lama2 rupa dia pon makin berubah, warna kulit pon makin cerah. :P ceh. mcm iklan fair&lovely pulak. :P

bintiegen said...

x gelap r...cume terlalu kecik.
spi x npk kecomelan...
tp skrg dh npk tough...br terserlah... :)

ladycooper said...

first time see your baby.
handsome baby.
bring him back to penang to show us if got chance.

Thara said...

hie ms ooi.

thanks for dropping by my blog. sure thing. im sure he'd love to meet all of u :)