Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sick Poser on the Loose!

Okay. I know I’m supposed to write about my spanking new house this time around, but I can’t help it. I have got one interesting news to share with kamu semua.

Get this. I found another sick poser trying to be. . . me! Urgh. Wont this ever going to stop? Masa sekolah rendah ada. Masa sekolah menengah ada. Masa dkt U (hmm lemme think. ok, takde. because MMU people are cool and wont do immature things like that haha!). Tapi baru2 ni, thanks to cik syikin, one of my best sidekicks, who informed me about this website which really surprised the heck out of me! Here’s the snapshot of it. (Click on picture to enlarge)

This psycho actually used “miss aienthara” as username and well, even though there aren’t any pictures of me (THANK GOD!), or aien in there, but, there are pictures of my nephews and nieces taken during last raya. But the last time I checked, that pic was already removed. Tapi gamba my brother-in-law’s car still ada lagi. I mean, this person must really know our family members priddy damn well to steal these pictures and put it up on his/her website kan! Haihs.

The thing that disgusts me is, the way he/she writes! SANGAT DISGUSTING ok. The words written. The topics discussed. The words used. Urgh. Mcm org takde life.

I mean, please. Get your own freakin identity lah ok. Don’t go prancing around pretending someone that you’re not. Question is, should I write to this psycho and ask for clarification or not? Hmm.

God I hate copycows.


eikieyn said...

sabar Cik eh! Puan Thara.. tak baik mara2...:D chill chill!~

Thara said...

haihs tgh byk2 besaba la ni. ade jugak eh org2 pelik mcm gini.

her my who da lalala~ said...

hahaha!!u ngan aien overpopular la thara!klaka a tgok blog copycat tu..hahaha

kpd sang copycat: gua bkn pe macha, lu cacat otak ke bai wat cmtu?baik lu main baling slipar dr wat keje x gune cmtu dol!

hahaha..pe2 pun thara,chill k!

Thara said...

haihs exactly! im surrounded with mentally retarded people around me. annoying!

nadsim said...

omg.. gile freak-o okie?? n n lemme guess. yg drop your "massage" here tu die yg tulis?? like massage??? wtf?? na bg free massage ke ape? lolz... n harus ke die type like tHiS? mcm retarded gile kot?? gle annoying..

Thara said...

urgh I KNOW OK! i hate when people tYp3 lyK3 tHiS. freakin retarded.

Fara said...

oh wowwwwww!

i can't believe some ppl actually have the luxury of time to do those things! haha.

But that is just freakyyyyyyyyyy!

Thara said...

gosh i know right! some ppl are just plain sick.