Thursday, April 19, 2012

Marvel’s The Avengers

One 'supernatural power' show that I never failed to catch (besides Power Rangers & Ultraman) when I was a kid has got to be.. Charmed!

I love how the 4 witch-sisters fight the demons off with their superpowers and despite the butt kicking, face punching and neck crunching, ironically, not even a hair out of place! Most importantly, no need for those fugly underwear-on-the-outside costume nonsense; these chicks can kick-ass in spaghetti strap and jeans! Now that's what I call kicking-ass-in-style! :D

And then, when I grew slightly older I was introduced to Marvel superheroes and I've followed (although not very closely) all their series since! Comic superheroes like "Iron Man", "The Incredible Hulk", "Thor" and "Captain America" started to grow more and more on me. So much so, I began to wish that I could be one of the 'superheroes' and join their Avengers Team to help save the world!

But then again.. which superhero would I be and what would be the powers I would like to have with me if I were one of them? Hmm.

Oh wait, I know! I could be the OHSEMWOMAN and I could save the world with my "ohsem" superpowers that are the combination of the Charmed sisters powers ; freezing people/objects, having premonition and telekinetic powers

With powers such as those, I would leave no room for crime because naturally, I would get the early premonition if something bad's going to happen, zoom to the place, freeze the bad-ass, and with my ohsem telekinetic powers, shove them away and beat them up to death! Tsk tsk. Too easy because #imohsemthatway. *brushes dust off shoulder* :P



ReeneeRaaid said...

can't wait for that movie. I just wondering.. nape movie avengers ni tak include spiderman? huhu!

p/s: I saw u at cineleisure, masa screening- the cabin in the woods. u look lovely :)

Thara said...

Reenee :
Kannnn! It would be awesome kalau ada all the rest of the Superheroesss! :P

Aww thanks, next time jumpa silalah tegur! Boleh kita snap snap picture sesama :P