Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mama, I Had Fun at Friso GUT Event!

Hello hello everyone! It’s been a loooooooong time since I last scribbled something here so here’s me doing the story telling again! Eh wait wait, for those of you who misses me (or *sobs sobs* forgot how I look like), this one is for you!

HEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Aaaanyways, remember Mama was telling you guys about the Friso Growing Up Together event that we family were excited to go? Well guess what! We went and we had HEAPS of fun! XD

The first thing I saw as soon as we reached the place was this huge arch! Look how pretty they decorated the place!

Cantik kan! :) The moment we reached there, we were asked to register at the registration counter. Mama did the registering while I look around to see what they have in store for us kids!

They have a few activities ready for us on that day, actually. Exploring the interactive tunnel, creating a glove toy and making visual painting are just some of it!

Kids my age were everywhere, running and shouting – boy they sure looked happy! I couldn’t wait to join in the fun so I pulled my mama's hand and get her to queue up. I was getting excited too!

That's my cousin, Muqeet. We're best buddies and we do eeeeeverything together! I didn't want him to miss the fun event so I asked him to come along! :D The first activity that I tried out on that day was the Interactive Tunnel!

Everybody, this is the Lilypad Hop! I had fun hopping and jumping from one leaf to another, just like a froggy! I tried touching the fishes in the pond too, but they were quick to duck and escape my little fingers! :( Next time, fishy, next time!

The next game I tried on that day was the Fly, Butterfly, Fly game. I was supposed to touch as many flying butterflies as I could and whaddayaknow! I touched 55 butterflies altogether! WHEEEEEEEE! *claps claps*

After we went out from the Interactive Tunnel, we stopped by the Virtual Painting booth. I love this one the most because I got to doodle and scribble on the big white screen.. with mama! :D

Do you like the little aliens and background in the picture? I chose them myself tau! :D After we’re done with the painting, the friendly Friso assistant helped to print the picture out in a nice frame and gave it to me to keep! :D Thanks bro, you were great! *highfive*

After that we went to the art and craft booth. I could see some of my friends there making some glove muppets. Look how cute they are!

I wanted to try to make one of those oh so badly too but the waiting list was too long! :( Mama said we’d try to make one ourselves at home together instead, so I'm holding on to your promise mama, don’t cheat cheat okay! *pinky swear*

Needless to say, it was a great and fun day out with my little family. Thanks Nuffnang and Friso for throwing a fun day out such as this, look forward for more events like this in the future!

For those of you who missed the exciting event, don't worry! Be sure to drop by the one in Aeon Bukit Indah, Johor Bahru (Mar 2012 – 18 Mar 2012) and another one in Queensbay Mall, Penang (05 Apr 2012 – 08 Apr 2012)! ;)

Love love,


mommyNadia said...

Ur mama gojes as always la..;)

Thara said...

nadia :

auntie nadia jgn ckp mcm gitu, nanti dia kembang pastu tak kuncup balik, bahayaaaaaaaaa! :P

ReeneeRaaid said...

Happy family
Btw, u look lovely, thara!

kunaz said...

Thara. Miss u! I think i need to have ur no to keep intouch. I'm good at whatsapp now fyi. Haha. Btw aydein dh bsar panjanggg omaigoddd

Nadine said...

Agree, gojes sungguh mommy aydein. Love the family pic :)

BabyBooned said...

looking good, mummy! seriously. i think u've lost tons of weight. aydein is soo sweet looking as always.

Thara said...

renee :
aww thanks babe! ure very priddy yourself! :)

kunaz :
hahaha find me at whatsapp! tu lah babe dah boleh membebel ngalahkan mama dia dah. hows irfannnn and ur stories with bibik? hahah. lamaaaa tak jengah ur blog. will drop by soon! <3

nadine :
aww thanks babe, u look great urself! ;)

babybooned :
kak ninaaaaa! lamanyaaaa tak dgr cerita! aydein dah besa panjang dah kak, ni mama aydein tgh trying for second addition in the family pulak. doa2kan ye! hows gibbb! work has been crazy, havent had the chance to do blog hopping as often as beforeee! miss gib so much! my hugs & kisses to him! <3