Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our World, Their War

Being a girly girl since before, my favorite movie genre had always been Romance. Try asking me to list down 10 of my favorite romance movies of all times, and I can give you the list in less than 5 seconds. But try asking me to list down at least 5 of my favorite action movies of all times, and I might just give you a blank stare. :P

That is why, when my husband took me out to see Transformers in 2007 when we were dating last time, I was rather skeptical. I gave it a shot anyway, and actually found myself looking forward to the sequel of it by the time the movie ended! I liked it -- I liked it a lot. :D Needless to say, when Transformers 2 was released in 2009, I was one of the firsts to line up at the box office counter! :D

As such, naturally I wish to be one of the firsts to catch the Autobots and Decepticons in action this time around too! Particularly because I am a big fan of the sunny yellow bot, the none other than the mighty Bumblebee!

As such if given a chance to transform into any of the Autobots, I would definitely choose to be a Bumblebee and help the rest of the Autobots team to save the world from the evil Decepticons by first duplicating myself into multiple mini-Bumblebees, using the magical Ultimate Movie Card.

And since "Bumblebee" is technically a "bee", I will then make sure that these version of mini-Bumblebees are equipped with explosive "sting" that will automatically and literally blow their opponents up the moment they "sting" their opponents. These super fast and super small mini-Bumblebees will then fly in swarm and attack the Megatron and the rest of the Decepticons with their sting which will result in HUGE explosion! And just like that, the victory is on our side! :D

Now let's say it together! Bumblebee and Autobots for the win! :D


reena said...

Transformers 1 the bomb! Transformers 2 sucks! Even Michael Bay himself mengaku dia buat silap in Transformers 2. I have no high expectation in Transformers 3. Tapi still nak tengok jugak la. Haha.

mommyNadia said...

go go mini bumblebee..

I'm a big fan of bumblebee too..;)
and my hubby also a big fan of transformers..
due to that,Adam has been influenced since small..
now,kalau dalam keta nmpk bulldozer n seangkatannye,dia akan jerit.."decepticon!!"..heheh;)

great entry dear!

Thara said...

reena :
haha im Transformers #1 fan, sbb itu Transformers 1 ke, Transformers 2 ke, dua-dua i rasa best gila :P ni tak saba nak tunggu Transformers 3 pulak. hopefully best jugak! :)

nadia :
ye ke u? aydein takde perasaan lagi when it comes to robots ni :P but he loves cars though, so rasanya i nak kene jinak2kan die dgn transformers jugak la ni! :P