Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hello Paris, The City of Love... Not!

We pushed off to Paris very early in the morning the next day, excited about our trip. Since the journey was rather near, we chose to travel by train, Eurostar, so we could enjoy the scenery along the journey. We thought it would also be a good experience for the kids.
Once we reached Eurostar station in London, I needed to go to the toilet, but when I asked for direction, the French workers there seemed a little unfriendly. I dismissed it, thinking they were busy.

Anyway, once we reached Eurostar Gare Du Nord train station, we kept our luggages at the station so we could move freely to explore Paris.

Then, we pushed off to Paris city to see for our own eyes, the magnificent Eiffel Tower! But before we reached Eiffel Tower, we passed by a massive jam at one of the roads in Paris. Despite all the honking, the driver at the very front refused to move. Then, one angry driver just drove on the pavement and drove past all cars!

We were all surprised! Macam gini punya orang pon ada. Tskkk.

Then, we reached Eiffel Tower. The moment I laid my eyes on it, I was in awe. It was as if I couldn't believe that it was actually in front of me! Speaking about being all jakun. :P Of course, camwhoring here was a must! :P

Finally, a group pic of all 3 families with my father and mother in law! :D

In between, there were also cartoonists that offered to draw our pictures with Eiffel, for €30. My husband and I declined, but unfortunately, they managed to persuade my brother in law. Apparently they were not allowed to see the result until they pay the money. And when they saw the result.., let's just say, they weren't very happy with it. :P

Eiffel at night.. cantik kan? :) I even managed to breastfeed Adeena in style in front of Eiffel! Haha.

After trying some crepe nearby the Eiffel, (it's just beside the carousell, sedappp sangat!) we then decided to go on a cruise ship.

During the cruise, we saw magnificent architectures standing proudly in front of us.

After the cruise, we decided to head home, and that's when the episode happened. We went back to the train station to collect our luggage. Everything was fine, until it was time for us to queue to board on the MRT to Val D' Europe. You see, traveling in groups has its downside, one of it being messy. So many bags and strollers and kids to look after, and the next thing we know, one of our luggages (my BIL's to be exact) is gone! It happened in just a blink of an eye! He was queueing with his luggage right next to him, then he turned to assist other families with their luggages, and the next thing he knew, the luggage was no longer there!

We looked frantically for it, but it was no where to be seen. We even lodged a report at the authority there, but nothing could be done. CCTV did not pickup anything. Most of the French people there insisted to talk in their language, even when we told them we couldn't understand them! They were not only unhelpful, they were stubborn!

It was not a pleasant first-day experience for us in Paris. In fact, while waiting for the men to look for the luggages, the ladies waited at a corner with the rest of the kids, luggages, and strollers. While waiting, there was even a fight at the terminal itself, it was scary! I thought this was supposed to be the city of love? What love is this? All we see from the start is rudeness, stubbornness and violence! Yes, the city may be beautiful, but sorry to say, I can't say the same for the people there.

Lucky thing there wasn't anything major in the luggage, so my BIL's family ended up getting themselves new clothes to wear on the next day. Kesian kan! But at least it gave them the ticket to shop for new clothes in Paris la haha.

By the time we reached Val d'Europe, it was already midnight. We were still very affected of what happened earlier, that we were so glad to finally reach our hotel, Hotel L'Elysee. It felt like we finally found our safe haven to seek shelter in!

Tip: Decide where you want to spend your time the most at when you're in Paris. For us, it's Disneyland. So we chose a hotel near Disneyland. Hotel L'Elysee seems to be the perfect choice because it's only 15 minutes to Disneyland by bus, and just 5 minutes to La Vallée Village, the factory outlet store.

The kids slept almost immediately once we reached.

So that's how our first day in Paris went. Let's just say, it failed to give us the good first time impression la ok. But the next day was a better day - a visit to Disneyland! (To be continued)



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