Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Raya Heat

I know all of you are (probably) still talking about the heat of the haze, but all I can think of (and feel) right now is the Raya heat! :D I mean, how can I not? All the newsletters I get reminds me of Raya shopping!

Usually, my little family would just buy ready made kurung & baju melayu for Raya (usually because all the tailors would not take any more orders lah haha). This time however, we wanted to look our best on our first Syawal morning, so we started scouting around for materials to send for tailoring as early as this month!

Adeena also gets to get her baju custom made this year! I can't wait to see how Adeena's little kurung would turn out to be like once it's ready. Misti. Cute. Gilaaaaa. :) :) :)

For those of you who have not sent your baju for tailoring yet, you'd better send them now, now, NOW! You'd be surprised to know that some tailors have even closed orders for Raya already! Crazy-mazy right?

If you're wondering where did we send our baju for tailoring, basically, Aien and Aydein get their baju tailored at Jakel, thinking that the tailoring would be cheaper since we got the material from there. It turns out that, Aien's baju melayu costs RM220 and Aydein's baju RM180 (tailoring ONLY!). Yes, tailoring ONLY; not inclusive of material charges! Super expensive for me ok; I definitely won't recommend this place for tailoring. *Tailoring are for men's attire only.

As for me and Adeena, we got our baju tailored at Sharifah Norizan Butik, at Medan Mara.

I have had one of my baju's tailored with Kak Sharifah, and I'm happy with her workmanship. Her price's a wee bit pricey though, but I find every dollar spent quite worth it. :)

So, what will our Raya theme be this year? You'll see! ;)


RuZaNNa said...

Oh i dah terkena last year.. tempah baju melayu for the boys.. tgk2 upah jahit for boys is only rm10 cheaper than for men! sudahnya lagi mahal dari ready made.. so not to make the same mistake again this year..

mommyNadia said...

True kan babe, tailoring baju melayu for kids mmg super crazy..

Every since Adam 2 years, I always buy yg ready made from long as the material is good,am ok with that. Tapi kena pergi awal, supaya dapat color yg nak..and again this year, we bought at the same kedai for 3 years in row. Baju melayu for Adam is RM33 hahhaa..super cheap kan =)

Tak sabar nak tgk mommy dia plak..
so which designer this year babe? Aww!

Thara said...

kan! i pon tekejut. bila i tanya kenapa mahal sangat tailoring for budak, dia cakap master-cut dia sama je, kene potong satu2. aydein's baju is a bit cheaper than aien's pon sebab he only needs 2m instead of 4m. haihs. lesson learnt! next year ready made je.

ni sebab konon nak carik color sedondon semua la this year. konon nak proper-proper sebab last few years asek last min, so color agak lari2. sekali pi hanta tailoring, hamik kau! tapi deena's baju punya tailoring is quite reasonable. RM50-80. not bad, but a bit pricey for a baby's baju. tapi raya punya pasal kannnnn. :P

mommy tempah baju dkt tailor biasa je. tapi smlm TERbeli #OrkedJM pulak :P

tenku butang said...

segala2nya mahal sekarang ni.. pingsan..

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