Wednesday, June 19, 2013

People Magnet

You know how magnet can pull metals to it, right? That's the same thing with Adeena, only she can pull people to her instead!

The first time it happened, we were at a kenduri at my husband's kampung when suddenly a lady came up to me and asked if she could carry Adeena.

I was in 2 minds; nak kasik ke tak? My first thought was NO, but then the other part of me felt like it would be a bit rude to do so, so cautiously, I handed Adeena to her, my eyes watching her like a hawk. And then, more and more people started to crowd her. She was handed from one person to another. They were even taking pictures with her! Mmmkay.

The second time it happened, I went to a clinic and carried her with me. Again, one of the nurses there suddenly asked to carry her and told me she would return Adeena to me when I wanted to make payment later. The moment I handed Adeena to the nurse (eyes watching the nurse like a hawk again), a couple more nurses came to crowd and hold her. Hmm, I thought. This girl is something.

And then one day, I went to a foodcourt in Giant. I was going to have my meal, so I put Adeena in her stroller, facing me. Then a Chinese uncle said to me from across the table, "Pusing sama dia, I mau tengok dia," I was like, errr ok bro. So I turned her stroller around to face the uncle. He said "Haa like that! Ok!" and continued to eat. Oooookay.


See that little legs that's facing the uncle now? :P Then suddenly, as soon as he finished eating, he came towards us and pat Adeena on the head. Then, after chit chatting with me a bit more, he bent down to even give Adeena...

an ang-pow! Goodness, I'm telling ya, this girl's got superpowers! O.O

After that episode, smiles, pats and pinches thrown at Adeena at random places have become a norm.

I still get paranoid about people touching her though. I'll tell you why in a different entry.

But.. sigh, Adeena. You're barely 5 months and already getting treatment like a superstar! I don't blame them for getting pulled to you, though. Somehow, I keep finding myself getting pulled to you and staring into those beautiful eyes of yours too. :)

Ok that's it. Definitely putting you on a curfew when you grow up, young lady. And no boys until you're 18, okay? I'm serious, Adeena! Ahem.


Nurhuda Nadzri said... cute! really feel like meeting her! please arrange our appointment together, Thara...:-)

btw, no boyfriends until 18? Good luck with that! hehe..I know Adeena can do it!

Norhidayu Abdullah said...

adeena mmg super cute
mmg patut org geram dan terpikat..
bersinar2 mata dia
cantik sgt
luv the last pic

mommyNadia said...

Owh Aunty wants to meet you little pwincess!! =)

Thara said...

sayang tak dapat jumpa you haritu :( sorry tau babe, busy weekend pulak masa tu. def next time, insyaallah! :)

awww thank you auntie! :) :)

meh la dtg umah. dekat je umah kita auntie :P