Sunday, May 12, 2013

The New Quest

Everywhere I go, I see people wearing their babies nowadays. Although I am considering to wear Adeena, I can't help to feel that it's also important to get a stroller for her. I mean, I've got to be fair kan? Her abang has his own 'ride', takkan his sister doesn't have her own! ;p

But the thing about strollers is, the good ones can cost quite a bomb. And if you've read this post, you'd know that I've got my eyes only for Maclaren strollers. In fact, I've got my eyes on this particular one..

Brown & pink combo! Who would say no to that?! So you can imagine my joy when my brother in law called to inform that was putting up a sale for Maclaren Quest 2012 strollers, and what would normally sell at RM1299, was only selling at RM799! Crazy cheap, right! Of course we had to check it out. We'd be crazy not to!

But as soon as we reach there, I was a tad bit disappointed because the color that I wanted was not available. All of the colors were a bit too boyish for Adeena, so after doing a bit of thinking, we thought, if we can't have a girly girl color, might as well get the same color as her brother's. Comel jugak adik beradik pakai stroller sama kaler kan. :P So Black/Champagne it is. :)

The "champagne" color is a wee bit different from the old Quest though. It's somehow a little.. browner. Checkout the picture below. The new Quest is the one on the right.

Hehe can you spot the difference? :P

Oh and the best thing about this new Quest that I absolutely love as compared to the old Quest, is the fact that we can recline the seat till about 180°. It's perfect for newborns because they can lie flat and you don't have to worry about them being uncomfortable and such. So practical kan! This way, Adeena can use the stroller from now until.. Well, until she's too big for strollers lah! :P

So what are other features of the new Maclaren Quest Sport 2012 that's different from the old one? Let's have a look at them!

The recliner.

The new Quest's recliner is placed at the back of the seat, as opposed to the old one which is placed at the side of the seat. This way, reclining is made so much easier as all you have to do is press the 2 "knobs" and pull the seat to the level that you want.

The handles.

The new Quest's handle is the one on the right. Notice that the new design no longer has the "stripes", and replaced with one straight line instead. Honestly, I'd prefer the old design, but the problem with the old design is that the "stripes" has the tendency to tear, so, I get why the engineers decided to change it.

The legs rester.

Checkout the new Quest on the right. See how the legs rester can be adjusted? Isn't it just loveeee? :D I just like the idea that our kids can stretch their legs whenever they sit for too long and feel like stretching out a bit. More comfortable this way!

The wheels.

As you  can see, the new wheels are almost all back, except for one silver lining circling the wheels, as compared to the old one that has chrome on the wheels. I personally like the new wheels because it's simpler & more stylish to me. :)

Now what about Adeena? Does she like her new ride? I think she does, because she was very well behaved when we put her in the stroller on an outing last week. A bit too excited, even! :P

See? Macam nak terbang dah pon ada :P Oh wait, look who just decided to join the Maclaren family recently?

Ooh it's abang long Wildan! :D Sorry, as I mentioned before, we family are just biased like that when it comes strollers! No Stokke, no Bugaboo, no Phil & Teds, just Maclaren! ;)


Mooniqueen said...

MQ pun suka maclaren sbb very lightweight...suit for women yg tak larat nak carry stroller berat2 ni..

Thara said...


Kan! Sebab itu lah I peminat tegar Maclaren ni. Sebab dia sangat practical :)

Nadine said...

I pun peminat maclaren! so far their's are most lightweight when it comes to twin strollers ;)

Kunaz said...

you.... i mntk maap byk2. tau takkk i baru tau u ade 2nd baby? hahahaha! sorrriiiiii... and congrats sgt tau. spasang dh. cute...

Thara said...

highfive! :D

hehe thanks babe! u pon dah 2nd edition, kalau i tak silap kan?