Thursday, May 2, 2013

Kate Meets Autumnz

Hey Kate,

Thanks for being an awesome companion whenever I'm out and about. You're really something that I hold close to my heart.. literally!

I know you've been lonely just sitting there, watching me do my work while I'm at the office, so I got you a friend! Kate, meet Autumnz. Your new bestfriend.

Isn't she adorably chic? :) :) :) No I'm not saying that she's more chic than you, but I've always loved polka dots, you know that! :) :) :)

Just to let you know though, you and her will be spending a whole lot of time together after this! In the car, in the office, in the mall.., basically anywhere and everywhere I go without Adeena with me!

Kate, you must know by now that it is my routine to pump 4 times (3 times when time doesn't permit) at the office.

Since my office doesn't have a fridge, it is Autumnz's responsibility now to keep my milk cold & fresh until I get home. You know, just like how you keep my phone & purse safe from the naughty eyes.

It's a tough job since she'll have to carry 4 ice packs + 4 bottles full of milk and making sure she keeps all of them cold until I get home, so be sure to be nice to her, unless you want to lose all your 'chic-ness' and carry all those in you pulak lah. ;p

Anyway, she's going to be with us for another 2 years or so, so umm, unless you can miraculously turn into a cooler bag like she is, I think you're pretty much stuck with her, whether you like it or not lah. Hehehe. I love you, Kate. You know that! <3

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