Thursday, March 14, 2013

Time to Change for Better Convenience!

  • Dear Aydein,

    It's been a while since I wrote anything about you. It must be frustrating to have all the attention shifted from you after the arrival of your little sister, huh? Well, let's talk about you for a change today. How do you like that? :)

    Remember when we were walking at the park the other day and you asked me how you were like when you were little? I must say, you were (and still are!) a very active kid! You used to move around so much, it makes even nappy changing so difficult! At that time, I wished someone had invented a diaper so easy to wear, it would make nappy changing less of a 'war'!

    Well guess what! While I was doing some baby shopping the other day, I came across this... (press Next!)

  • Yeap, a life-saving diaper! It may look like the everyday diaper you wear, but this one is different! My dear, this diaper (it's actually called Huggies Dry Pants) is clinically proven to help prevent diaper rash and dermatitis with its 100% breathable cover, double leak barriers and the trusted leakage protection of the quick lock system!

  • The best thing is, it is designed like pants, so it makes changing easier as all one needs to do, is just "pull them up, tear and go!" Sounds fun, huh? ;)

    Lucky for you, you had the chance to get your bumbum on it! Remember that day when you asked me why our nappy changing sessions lately seemed to be more fun & speedy? Well, that's because you had Huggies Dry Pants on you for quite some time now! ;)
  • Just so you know, this diaper is now my new favorite! You wanna know why? Let me tell you.

    1 Now, instead of forcing you to lay down to put the nappy on you, I can now quickly slip the pants on you without disturbing your playtime!

  • 2 Now, instead of unfastening the conventional nappy tape to take it off you, I can just tear the side seam of the Huggies Dry Pants to (quickly) change you!

  • 3 Most importantly, now, I hear no more "ouches!" from you as there is no more annoying fastening tape that accidentally sticks to your thigh when I change you!

  • There's more! Did you know that Huggies is giving out free samples to interested mommies and daddies for their children to try out now? How nice of the Huggies team, kan boy? :) All the mommies (and daddies!) need to do is just request for a sample at to get one! Just like that. :) For more info, they can also checkout Huggies's official Facebook page at :)

    Sighs, I wish I had been introduced to this nappy earlier! I know now why they say, Huggies Dry Pants: Change for Better Convenience; it really does make my life (and yours!) so much more convenient! :)) No more struggling, no more 'war' during nappy changing. Just "Koyak, Salin & Lepas!" ;)

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mommyNadia said...

Babe, how u did this!! Super niceeee =)