Friday, March 22, 2013

2-In-1 Aqiqah

Here's a question! What is the next big thing that everybody is looking out for after a baby's arrival? Yeap, the baby's aqiqah ceremony! It's when the baby gets celebrated and the adults get to fill their tummies with free kambings! :P

That's why, 23rd February 2013 is a special day for us family. It's when Adeena turned exactly 7-day young, and became the 'hot stuff' on her very special day; her aqiqah day! :)

The day was made even more special as she got to share her aqiqah day with her newborn cousin, Wildan, who also just turned exactly 14-days young on the same day. Uhuh, it was a double celebration! Of course, the theme of the special day had to be baby blue & pink! :P

The day started early for us on that day. Since it was most afdhal for an aqiqah to be held on the baby's 7th day, right after Subuh, my husband went to get the lamb for Adeena's aqiqah. Heck, he even 'sembelih' the kambing himself on that very morning! (Yeap, that's him in orange, alright.)

As soon as he got back, I quickly bathed Adeena and got her ready. I wanted her to look her best on her big day, so I put on this super cute ballerina romper that I got a few months before she was born, a matching leggings and a headband that I bought from Lovely Lace to complete the look. Yeap, mama planned this ahead wayyy before the baby was born! :P

Just before the majlis started, I stole some time to breastfeed her so she would be full and contented during the majlis. While I was feeding her, the majlis started with marhaban recitals by the men & ladies, led by an ustaz.

And then, it was time for the bercukur ceremony. Being one of the centre of attention on that day, everybody wanted to look at her, everybody wanted to hold and kiss her. But alhamdulillah, she kept herself composed like a lady should and did not cry even once on her big day! Proud of you lah, girl! High five sket! ;)

And once the bercukur ceremony was over, it was the time all the guests were waiting for -- feast time! The guests were served with (of course) lambs, made-to-order char kuey teow, cendol, cupcakes, desserts and more!

Sadly, my biras, Haney and I, could only look as we were both still in confinement :( So since we couldn't feast ourselves like everybody else, what did we do to occupy ourselves? Took photos of us (and the babies!) of course! :P

By the way, isn't the baby cot so beautifully decorated? Believe it or not, our family did all the decorating by ourselves! :) Thanks all who helped out to make this event a wonderful one! ;)

Meanwhile, the elder brother must be feeling a wee bit left out, because believe or not, he created a scene towards the end of the ceremony! He wouldn't let go of his papa & mama and waileddd loudly when we asked him to join us in a picture and kept pressing us to go home (to our own house)!

But.. yeah, we took a picture with him in it anyway. :P I'm not sure if it was the jealousy, the crowd, or the sleepiness that caused the 'drama', but in the end, he surrended to his tiredness and slept... at a corner of the house. On my lap. -__-

Oh well, what's a majlis without a little family drama, eh boy? ;p

But other than that, all in all, it was a successful majlis, alhamdulillah. Thank you for all who came! On behalf of the family, I would like to apologize for any shortcomings during the event. We tried our best to entertain all guests, tapi biasalah, masa majlis orang ramai sangat, kadang-kadang terlepas pandang! :(

Until then, here's a family photo of the Little Family to end this longgg entry! :P



RieNa said...

so beautiful! and i can catch hj sofian in there! hehehe

biasalah aydein, drama skit2 nak tarik perhatian mama papa la tu eh? hehehe

Rhana said...

dekat je rumah kite ;).. definitely nak tiru the theme. cantik!

Nadine said...

Hehehe Aydein..bila lagi nak jadi center of attention kan little boy? :)

Comelnya Adeena, persis ballerina yg berpipi tembam! *kiss*

Golden Lounge said...

eh..terus kurus!

Thara said...

riena :
hehe tu la, tiqah pon rasa mcm tu. 4 tahun attention on him, tetibe beralih ke adik, mana bole kan! :P

rhana :
ye ke, u stay dkt sek 11 jugak? dkt mana tu? :) haha thanks! sure, tiru awayyy! :P

nadine :
awww, thanks auntie nadine! <3

golden lounge :
eh.. belom lagi! perut masih menggelebeh! :(((

NANA said...

tahniah tara..sukanya a new born baby girl :)

I'm farhana,member girl guide zaman skolah dulu..

worryfather said...

Congrats Thara..
no wonder you didn't update your blog for quite some times..

today visit your blog again, just know you have baby girl!