Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DG Smart Plan and my Android Phone

If I had the chance to choose any Android phone to use, I would most definitely like to own Samsung GALAXY Note for it's wide screen that makes movie/video streaming & net surfing a breeze!


I mean, how can you not want to have it when it comes to super features like these :

1. Large & immersive screen with smartphone portability
2. Full screen utilization for fast and effective tasking
3. Free capturing and creation
4. Powerful performance

Not just that, with DG Smart Plan, my Android device would be even smarter because I get to save a lot for the calls I make! Imagine, it’s just 15 cents per minute – TO ALL NETWORKS! CRAZY KANNNN!

I have been a DiGi user since forever and I must say, their service never dissapointed me! I have to say, I am a smart consumer and with DiGi you can be sure that it ALWAYS the smarter choice. :)


Long live DiGi! ;)

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Mijoe said...

salam Thara

dah dpt galaxy note tuh, iPhone tuh simpan dalam longkang tempat jatuh hari tuh ok..he he..just kidding! :p