Monday, January 2, 2012

The Little NAPBAS Model

Aydein loves the camera. Point the camera at him and he would grin, tilt his body and head whenever you say "Smile!"

And looking at the photos below, I think the camera loves him too! I mean really, is this really the once-a-baby I gave birth to?

That is why when my colleagues asked if Aydein could pose for their NAPBAS category video, I immediately said.. why not!

When it was time for the shooting, he was shy seeing all the many kakaks and abangs in the office at first, but warmed up quickly thanks to a packet of M&Ms and the friendly Community Relations sweethearts!

It didn't take long for him to get comfortable with the friendly Nuffies around, and in just a couple of minutes, we were able to get the shot we wanted! :)

Here's the video of my baby boy as the model for the NAPBAS Best Parenting Blog category.  It's just a very short clip of him though, but he did so well in the video, I just can't help but to feel so proud of my baby boy! :D

P/s : All props and toys in the production of this video are his! :P

Considering of sending him to a talent agency? Definitely maybe :P


nohzhn said...

ini r yg acik bintie mau!!! pnt jengah. last2 ade pon! hahaha. tq thara.

Ikaqishie said...

Adorable. :D

semut-terbersin said...

alololo tomei dia senyum dalam vid tuh! caya lah aydein! (nampak m&m kat tgn dia)

babYpose said...

Handsome boy tul la..

Q Partner Travel and Tours said...
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the::bored::sha said...

so saya lah Aydein. Boleh jadi model in the making ni...Weeeeeeeee :)

madammondoq said...

la.. ur son ke tu?? really talented!! boleh jadi pelakon cilik ni.. wink!!

Zhafri™ said...

Comel budak nih.hehe