Friday, September 30, 2011

His Virgin Hair

The thing about my little family is that, we are not blessed with luscious, thick hair like some of you do. My hair is thin, Aien's hair is thinner, and little one, Aydein's.. well, let's just say he got his hair from the both of us lah.

And unlike some newborns who are born with thick, luscious hair the moment they are brought to this world, Aydein was born with very fine hair that took forever to grow!

That is why, you can imagine how crushed I felt when we had to shave his head bald for his cukur jambul & aqiqah.

It killed to see my baby's hair being shaved off like that, but since it was sunnah, I let them anyway, and promised myself that no one was ever gonna touch his hair ever again after that day!

And believe it or not, Aydein never had his hair cut anymore after that day! It grew longer and longer that when he showers, his hair would fall down to his shoulders!

However, the thing about Aydein's hair is that.. it's curly. That is why, no matter how long it grows, it doesn't show, because they only end up in adorable curls and ringlets!

However, the thing about curls and ringlets is that, over time, it kinda make you look messy. Which is the case for my boy, especially the curls at the back of his head.

I get disturbed too, looking at the messy back of his hair sometimes, but I didn't want to cut them, worrying that it'll take forever for his hair to grow again!

I've had people telling us to shave his head off regularly in order for it to get thick, so one day, after 2 years ++ of not doing anything to his hair, we decided to... cut off his hair and get that adorably messy curls gone, at least for while.

I wanted to take Aydein to a professional barber, but just like he insisted to cut Aydein's umbilical cord and shaved his son's head bald during aqiqah, Aien insisted to cut his son's virgin hair himself.

I actually cringed at each snip Aien made (sayang ok bela rambut anak sampai 2 tahun lebeh!) but surprisingly, Aydein remained calmed and smiley the whole time! Good boy, Aydein! Macam gini lah anak mama :)

And after a few snips and snaps here and there, I am proud to introduce, the all neat and handsome boy.. Ahmad Aydein!


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Nurul Aima Hj Kaim said...

hi aydein..ble geng dngn anak untie..curly jg hi hi

amirah said...

Handsome lah kamu macam tu aydein!!=))

mommaholicSURI said...

Awwww.. I am melting. He looks so comel with his new hair. Smart!! tambah cair lagi bila dia duduk baik je when his papa cut his hair. :)

Nadine said...

Mmg lain! soooo adorable la Aydein. Like his new haircut so much. Aydein geng Faaz la, suka potong rambut. Hihi..Rindu Aydein tau! *hugs* :)

kak ina kl said...

comelnya dia dengan rambut baru. rasa sayang gak tenguk rambut kerinting tu terbuang kan tapi anak lelaki mana boleh rambut panjang

cik puan daun said...

Comelnya rambut kinting dia.. :)Moga lepas ni rambut tumbuh cepat-cepat sket. Such a good boy, tak nangis masa gunting.. :)

My Iqbal nangis aje masa gunting rambut. bila umur 2 1/2 baru stop nangis.. ehehe pasrah..

jamiey writes said...

he's growing up so fast! very handsome boy

BabyBooned said...

Having a curly son myself,i can undrstnd what u meant abt being rimas tgk rambut diorang yg dah terlampau pjg,evn though cute! Lookin good Aydein!

farra-eng said...

baru nak tegur..lainnya dah muka dak tu lepas kena potong rambut hehehe

eikieyn said...

aydeiiiin dah sgt besar. ya allah, lame giler tak jumpe budak kecik tueeee!!

annesse said...

hi pn thara...anak u skrg minum enfgrow a+ kan..u beli susu dgn hrga bape skrg?