Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Little Too Not Over You

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Anyone who knew me well would know that I am a huge fan of David Archuleta since he auditioned for American Idol. I followed him since Day #1 and heck, even voted for him online -- something that I never do for any reality show! David has won many hearts with his powerful vocals and humble personality, it is not surprising how everyone could relate to him (and that includes my parents -- they're his fans too!)

That is why when news had it that he was gonna be performing in KL again, I was ecstatic! I missed the chance of going to his show when I was carrying Aydein in my tummy 2 years ago; I wasn't gonna miss it again!

On the day of the concert, I was already there at Stadium Negara as early as 6.45pm eventhough I know the show wasn't gonna start until 8pm. As soon as the doors to the concert opened, I pulled my husband's hand and rushed to get a seat as close as I can get to the stage. The show started at about 8.45pm with an opening by our local singer, Hao Ren.

Shortly after, the strong crowd of at least 2,500 roared and cheered as the lights dimmed to start the show and out came Archie! (The hairs at my arms stood up as I typed this hahaha! Guess I haven't really recovered from the post-Archie-effect) :P

He started the show with his new hit, The Other Side of Down and belted out a few songs from his new album Everything and More, Elevator, Something Bout Love, Falling Stars, and some of the hits from his previous album, Crush, A Little Too Not Over You, Touch My Hand, and Zero Gravity to name a few.

In between he also did covers from Gnarles Barkley (Crazy), Vanessa Carlton (1000 Miles) and one of the best songs of all time, Heaven by Bryan Adam. I only have one word for it -- phenomenal. Did you know his cover for Heaven actually made him through the Hollywood week back on American Idol? :) :)

Sorry for the video quality; recorded it using the iPhone. Oh did I also mention that he can also play the piano extremely well too? Checkout this video, his cover for 1000 Miles by Vanessa Carlton, dedicated to his mom. Sighs, such a sweetheart isn't :) :) :)

He's truly a gift, isn't he? :) With powerful vocals and adorable looks such as that, you can imagine how wild the crowd went on that night! I gotta admit, I couldn't help singing and *ahems* shrieking along with the crowd as well! :P

The best part of all is, we even got seat upgrade to the center of the stage to fill up a few empty seats! Man, it was the best! :D Truthfully, David never ceases to amaze me and I hope he continues to amaze us with his amazing, ah-mazing talent for the many years to come! <3

Ps : I am no longer a concert virgin! :P


hamzah ian said...

slama ni concert virgin la?

ada juga istilah concert virgin.. haha

mommaholicSURI said...

Darling!! since i tak follow American Idol yang dulu, So, i xdela mcm minat sangat kat DA ni. TAPI.. i think the first time i dengar lagu 'The Other Side of Down"kat FlyFM.. owh gila jatuh chinta kat lagu tuh.. Then the DJ announced that the latest hit by David Archuleta baru la i heran sikit kat dia sekarang. hihihih. Tapi xleh lawan you la. ahahaha. Babe, i suka The Other Side of Down sampai i nak jadikan lagu tu as a background for video clip yang i nak produced. Tapi nak video apa x tau lagi. hahaha.

p/s: Waaa.. u x pernah pergi any concert sebelum ni? Mesti excited kan???
I was no longer concert virgin since 2003 (concert nasyid pernahla). Went to Black Eyed Peas and 4 years later to Pussy Cat Doll. Caya tak? haha.

jamie writes said...

your little boy might grow up to be your own personal Archie :P Aydein is such a darling... i'm missing posts of him already :P

Nadine said...

David A. die hard fan rupanya you nie :D

Bestnya pegi live show! it reminded me how long since the last time I went to a concert! Was hoping to go to Bruno Mars' Concert few months ago tapi time tu dah sarat, agak2la kan nak dapat greenlite dr Fadzil :P

p.s: rindu tau nak baca ur entries. nnti update la pasal Aydein. Laaama dah tak tgk his photos :)

Cherie said...

hamboy, jalan nun sampai ke stadium negara boleh, yg org dekat2 ni jenoh la nak jumpe.

kak ina kl said...

memang tak tgk american idol ..tak brp tau psl penyanyi ini

Thara said...

mekjah :
ye, saya concert virgin. concert je ye. yang lain tidak lagi. hahaha.

nuurill :
oh yes, that song is real catchy kan! ada a few of his songs lagi yang sedap, pendek kata, sume lagu die pon sedap lah! hahahaha.

ps : pergh BEP & PCD?? terbaekkkk! :P

jay :
hahaha i hope so too! just posted an entry on him. sorry it took so long! haven't had the time!

nadine :
haha i've heard abang bruno's concert being a success. suara dia mmg terbaik kan? :) takpe, lepasni kita organize a trip to whatever concert pulak lah! sama2 berjimba hokehhh :D

entry on aydein updated! sorry it took so long! haven't had the chance! :(

cherie :
hehehe heyyy dah sampai klang dah haritu ye. ni nak marah ni. :P

kak ina :
hehehe AI tak tengok, tapi AF misti tengok kan! :P ini kira Dafi versi mat salleh + powerful vocal lagi la ni :P

Jo Ann said...

my heart still melts when i listen to his songs and IT MAKES ME THINK OF YOU,THARA!