Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mary Kay Skin Care

Many have asked me what products have I actually used for smooth, flawless skin like mine. My answer to them is simple ; nothing.

I am dead serious, I never use anything -- not Clean & Clear, not Olay, not Simple, not SK II, not even Hazeline Snow! I guess I am one of those who are blessed with natural, low-maintenance skin so the only thing I do use to clean my face is purely clean water.

First, let me remind you that my skin isn't exactly "flawless". If you look closely, you could see a little calar here and there as well. Sometimes, it can get a little dry too, and it shows during that particular time of the month. So when I heard about Mary Kay and how it could help revitalize my skin, I thought, hmm, let's give it a try! I made an appointment with one of the beauty consultants and the next thing I knew, I was already at their office at Jaya33 last Sunday morning.

The lady who introduced herself as Iman was very pleasant and helpful. She let me try all the many different products there.

All the while she was talking, I couldn't help but to notice what beautiful skin she has! She isn't only fair, she also has that pinkish, healthy rosy cheeks to compliment her complexion!

She told me it isn't difficult to get that healthy, beautiful skin. Everyone can have it with these 4 simple steps which I will gladly share with all of you, because it works wondrous on me!

1) Cleanse with Mary Kay Cleanser

As mentioned earlier, I never paid much attention to all this cleanser-whatsoever-thing before but now that I know how important it is to actually cleanse and care for my skin now that I wear makeup quite a lot, I realize how fresh my skin felt after cleaning my skin with this cleanser.

2) Mask with Mary Kay Mask

I used to wonder, why laaa some people actually go through all the trouble of applying mask & cucumber on their face and looking like a first-class hantu? My question was immediately answered after trying them out myself.

In case you're wondering, I purposely applied them on half the side of my face so I can feel the difference. Once I washed them off, I can feel the masked side of my face felt ten times smoother and, get this, fairer! Tak payah pakai Fair & Lovely bagai okeh. With this mask, you can see the effect in just 5 minutes!

It seems that the use of a mask is to open the pores, remove dead skin cells and acts like a mini scrub. I guess my skin has a lot of dead skin cells that I never cared to care kot, tu yang lepastu teros jadik smooth gila tu!

3) Freshen with Mary Kay Freshener

Okay, let me tell you that this one, is memang the bomb! My skin immediately felt fresh and uplifted after applying this to my face! It seems that it helps to close the pores back again after the masking process previously, so it leaves your skin nice and cooling.

4) Moisturize with Mary Kay Moisturizer

And last, but not least, the moisturizer. Seriously, I have to thank this moisturizer for its amazing effect on me. I am not sure if it's the effect of cleansing, masking and freshening altogether, but after applying this moisturizer to my skin, my face felt soft and moist. It doesn't feel too sticky nor too dry. It's basically just what I need for my dry skin!

And there you have it! 4 simple basic steps to fresh, glowing skin! You can leave it just like that or you can enhance it just a little more like what I did during my session then for a longer lasting effect.

1) Mary Kay Soothing Eye Gel

Tengok container pon dah nampak soothing kan? Hehe. But it's nothing like having them around your eyes! They're honestly very cooling and very soothing, just like the name suggests. You know those cooling eye masks that you put on your eyes whenever your eyes feel tired? This one feels exactly like that, only better!

To apply it is easy. Just put a little of the gel on your ring finger, and gently make small circles around your eyes, like the picture above. Sumpah mata rasa bertenaga and bersinar lepastu! Ok tipu, tak bersinar. Bertenaga je :P

2) Mary Kay Medium Coverage Foundation

This one awfully reminds me a lot of Topshop's Skin Tint that I am longing to buy! Even the tube size is about the same size of Topshop's Skin Tint! :D

Now, I am not sure about Topshop's Skin Tint that I have yet to try, but I definitely love how this one blends in with my skin. It's nothing like the Maybelline's foundation that usually leaves my skin dry and too-white. This one definitely gives a natural color to my skin! In case you're wondering, I used Ivory 200.

3) Mary Kay Mineral Powder

Interesting fact about this powder is that, the brush is made of goat's hair so they wash easily whenever you want to clean them! I also love how the brush makes an even color to my face and the fact that the powder is loose powder, so takde la nampak bertapuk-tapuk ke apa kan.

4) Mary Kay Lip Mask & Lip Balm

Oh this baby is also amazing. This Lip Mask is used to remove any dry/dark skin and restore the structure of your lips. I tried, and I loved the effect, just like this lady did! My lips are chapped no more! :D For those with dry lips, I highly encourage you to get this one!

I am telling you, Mary Kay works wondrous on me I am even thinking of getting some of their products as soon as I get my pay! I love any products that makes me look fresh and good naturally without trying too hard, and Mary Kay products definitely deliver just that!

For those of you who would like to inquire more on any of these products, feel free to contact Iman the beauty consultant at or 019-2661775. Iman is an experienced Mary Kay beauty consultant with years of experience, and needless to say, I was very much impressed with her knowledge in skincare and of course, complexion!

For more useful info and tips on skincare and amazing promotions, don't forget to checkout her beauty blog at !

As always, happy melawa-lawa, ladies! ;)


kunaz said...

omaigod!!! iman is my partner in crime. wut a small world!!

RuZaNNa said...

Selama ni u guna air aje basuh muka?? oh my.. u're really blessed with beautiful skin ok!
As always.. looking GOOD babe!

Thara said...

kunaz : hehe ye ke! it really is a small world after all! ;)
anne : allah u. kulit u pon lawa apaaa! my skin is a bit dry lah. ni baru nak mula nak jaga-jaga :P

jamiey writes said...

Thara! i heard mary kay is good too. maybe should try. btw, what contact lense were you on at the last pic?

Thara said...

jay : yeah they're really good. besides they've been around for quite some time right, so i was more confident to give them a try ;) err, they're from freshlook. are u on contacts as well?

reena said...

jeleanya tengok kulit u yang putih bersih!

jamiey writes said...

what's the colour? i have been thinking of trying coloured contact lenses, was just afraid they won't look natural. but you look awesome in them.

Thara said...

reena :
alhamdulillah :) u pon sama elok je ok! ade pakai pape product tak?

jay :
aww thanks! asians can never go wrong with grey/hazel/brown! :D i was wearing grey btw ;)

madammondoq said...


eh u rupanya yg jaga kaunter NN masa i collect tiket Pirates ritu.. pasan i tak? hehe.. btw skin u mmg i pun pakai Mary Kay jugak!! memang superb kan??

Alison Clarke said...

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Anonymous said...

sory nk tanye mahal tak produk mary kay ni???