Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Just Because I Miss Blogging

If you have me in your Twitter account, you would know how much I miss blogging.

However I have been swamped with too much work that I simply do not have time to update my blog as regularly as before! Mind you, I have tons to tell, but I just can't find the time, thanks to the new job scope I am on now :(

The only thing that gets updated regularly is my Twitter account, because it allows me to give out (and receive) short, timely messages, just like SMS. I would love for every one of you to have an account too, because then we can share tweets (and updates) with each other, frequently! :)

So this is my short, timely update to all of you, just because I miss blogging so much. Until then, stay glued for a new entry from me (though I don't know when!).



semut-terbersin said...

patut laaa lama menyepi..


babe we miss u too...;)

cepat2 update entry!

mommaholicSURI said...

I can hear you, babe!! :)
yeah, me too missing your writing, here. Bila-bila free update k. :)

Nadine said...

Tharaaaaaaaaa, rindu nak baca your entry, rindu nak tgk gamba Aydein!

But I understand, its year end..sume org bz. I'll wait tho :)

p.s: I tak reti la bertweet tweet nie =(

Thara said...

semut :
yeah, been too occupied! tapi dah berjaya update a new entry! chekidaut! :D

nadia :
aww, so nice for u to say that! sebab u ckp mcm tu, ive updated my entry! chekidaut! :D

nuurill :
aww thanks babe. i pon rindu gila nak blogging and blog hopping. at last dpt juge carik masa to update blog yang bersawang ni. cerita pon hampir nak lapuk dah. haha. chekidaut! :D

nadine :
yeah tu la i think it's the year end. tapiiii the good news is, ive finally got the time to update my blog! chekidaut! :D (whats me with chekidaut checkidaut la? haha).

ps : alaaaa just sign up an acc, u'll get the hang of it! :D

hushuss said...

Thara, I dont miss blogging. I just dont have the "mood" to blog. I guess I am not into writing but I still have courage to blog sbb fikirkan nanti fikirkan anak2 boleh baca kisah parents in future. But you have to continue blogging because I just love to read your blog, Thara. kadang-kadang jadi silent reader, sbb tak sempat nak comment! Go Thara go!

Thara said...

huspa :
aww thanks babe. ure too kind! :) i will, and i hope u will continue to write too sbb i pon suka baca ur blog! :D