Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hello, Nursing Wear!

You know you're taking breastfeeding seriously when you start searching for...

in Google. Well, a muslimah one, that is. The sad thing is, most websites I go that DO offer muslimah nursing wear is.. well, how should I put this.. a bit makcik-makcik somehow, if you know what I mean. Ok, let's take these for example.

Why? Whyyyyy? Isn't breastfeeding supposed to be fun and beautiful? Well I honestly won't feel beautiful in those! Let me just stress that these are some of the nicer ones. Some come with ruffles and weird looking layers, it just.. sighs.

The thing is, it doesn't  have to be this way. I know there are so many nursing wear from outside Malaysia that offers so many fashionable nursing wear that are trendy, yet still modest for us ladies to wear. Take Milk brand nursing wear, for example. They have so many beautiful nursing wear, I went a bit hysterical just looking at the beautiful tops and dresses they have in their website! These are some of my (many) favorites!

Don't they just scream beautiful? Gahhhh. If only they have a boutique in Malaysia! I could make them rich! Haha ;p

I have also checked out (and tried on) those from DNA (Dynas Nursing Attire) but they're a bit too tight for my liking. So you can imagine how happy I am when I stumble upon this website when I was browsing for nursing tops & dresses!

They might not be as stylish as those in Milk, but they're decent; definitely so much better than those makcik ones. I was going to get some of their outfit online when I came across their booth at Mid Valley Mother & Baby Expo last week. When I saw their booth, I was pretty excited! :P

You see, I like nursing wear that doesn't look like nursing wear, if you know what I mean. So when I saw these..

I immediately fell in love with them and grabbed them! :D Don't they look chic and modest? :) :) :) Super love! Now I can go to malls, trendily & comfortably! :D Most importantly, I can wear something else other than this olddd pregnant-come-nursing top of mine over and over and over again!

Anyone else know where to get trendy yet modest nursing wear? Do share, I'd love to know! :)


Ifah Ibrahim said...

hi kak thara..try check this out...

FRSR said... may want to look at Summer Glitz Fashion on facebook.i just bought 2 and satisfied with the nursing wear.thank you for sharing too!

Anonymous said...

autumnz also ok babe..:)

aMaryLLiXe said...

just bought 2 blouses from Adrini's website.. Quite ok,reasonable price & quality ok la.

But kalo ada lg byk brand kt msia jual baju nursing mcm yg ade kt overseas tuh mmg pokai la abis shopping ke stu. hehe.

any way, lupa nk ckp congrats on ur new baby. I'm a new nurser too, esok genap 3 bulan..and mmg la puas mencari blouse baru. mcm kena restok wardrobe.

(oh if u didn't recognize me, I'm Aliah, adik Diana Majid SKTS =P )

Nadine said...


Mama Thara got her figure back again! wooot! looking good there babe!

I know the frustration, I feel you last time! Asik2 button shirt, button dresses..pastu for outing last time I only bought bfeeding t-shirt and paired it up with cardi's and blazers to look casual. Mmg limited sgt..tapi nk bfeed punye pasal bertabah. Sometimes teringin sgt nak melawa2, I pumped dulu susu for outing n feed by bottle for short outing, tp lepas tu, bengkak terpaksa pump dlm keta otw balik rumah. served me right :P

ryyhan kamarudin said...

So far yang kita penah try enjoybreastfeed, mammahouse, adrinis, mumdreams, autumnz...and ofkos bye2 poplook :p

Share some of collection that i have -

Summerglitz pun should be ok (penahla belek tp xbeli sbb rasa baju nursing cam dh bnyk erk)..usually yg myself berkenan adalah korean/japanese nursing cum pregnant (ok budget punya psl)

Thara said...

ifah :
thanks for the suggestion, checked it out and got my eyes on some of them! :) :)

thanks for sharing! ooh baju ala-ala korean girl gitu eh! bole le mak join the k-pop girls sambil memerah lepasni ye :P

anonymous :
yeap, some of Autumnz ones are decent, tapi ade jugak yg hmmmmm. :P

amaryllixe :
hey, i remember you! congratulations on your new bundle of joy too! betol babe, kalau ade Milk nursing wear tu dkt sini, mmg duit gaji habes dkt situ je la :P the thing is, it doesn't look like nursing wear! tu yg i suka sgt tu. lepasni yg try those brands recommended by the bloggers up there pulak! here's to breastfeeding! ;)

nadine :
yessss babeee! cardis are my newfound favorites too! :P not the buttoned ones though, aien tak suka. sebab dia kata, nanti nampak skin dari lubang2 in between buttons too. usually kalau i pakai buttoned shirts pon, i will wear with an inner inside, which totally defeats the purpose if i were to wear it for breastfeeding la kan. dah 2 kali keje pulak :P nampaknya gotta say byebye (for a while) to poplook la ni gamaknya! :P

oh yes babe, i ade terpikir mcm tu jugak kalau nak gi keluar tapi tak terbuat lagi. maybe i'll try that soon! :P

ps: belom totally got back my figure lagi babe. perut masih menggelebeh ye sobs sobs.

ryyhan :

thanks for the recommendations, appreciate it! :) yes, no more poplook or peplum tops sobs sobs! :( i punya la nak bergaya while breastfeeding ni, i even thought of beli material then tempah je baju2 i, buat jadik breastfeeding friendly type. senang, tak payah sebok nak carik mcm nak gila baju breastfeeding cantik yg kene dgn tekak kita ni :P

Pn Syaima' said...

boleh try jenguk ;)

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing! would like to share this with you too

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Anonymous said...

Try tgk fb atau ig calomera, cantik n x makcik2 baju dia hehe, ramai follower dorang maybe sebab design dia cam baju biasa, x la nampak cam baju nursing yg kepoci sgt huhuu

Cetot said...

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Anonymous said...

Tq for sharing..lpasni boleh tngok koleksi baju diorang plak..hehe

Sekarang ni bru berjinak2 dngan baju nursing from Padieka Raccolta, okay sgat design dia.. xnmapk mcm m.cik2 sngat..heheh..material pon best sngat..
skrang tngah usha2 plak mum4adelia and mamacloo..