Friday, January 18, 2013

2nd Pregnancy Diary

They say every pregnancy is different. Well, I can't agree more!

1. It's a girl!

For one (and one obvious reason), I'm carrying a girl this time! So that makes my second pregnancy a whole lot different (and more fun!) because I get to fantasize about what to dress my girl in -- tutus, headbands, floral tops, pink polkadots, frills, laces and ribbons! The list goes on and on! :D

2. Headaches/Migraines

Unlike my first pregnancy which was smooth-sailing, this time around, I had to battle with migraines almost everyday during my first & second trimester. It only got better as I entered the 5th-month of pregnancy, so you can imagine how tormenting it was for me :(

3. Melaram mommy

If I only had one favorite outfit (or "uniform" as I like to call it) that I wear everytime I go out when I was carrying Aydein that it made my elder sister SICK (hehe), this time around, I'm all about dressing up & makeup! I even got myself a few new pregnancy outfits. Check this out!

Last time.

This time.


4. Sweet tooth

Another obvious difference for my pregnancy this time around is my liking for sweet-things! I've always had a sweet-tooth but this pregnancy just amplifies it even more! Unlike last time when I would go for sour things like tom yam, every now and then now, I'll need my sweet fix or I'll be a very grumpy pregnant lady ;p

5. Nausea

Although I don't have morning sickness, this time around, I do feel nauseous every now and then especially during the first trimester. And sebab loya-loya ni jugak lah, somehow, I dapat rasakan I will get a baby girl before I even found out that it's indeed a girl. (Sebab masa Aydein dulu tak rasa apa langsung!). Talk about mother instinct! ;P

6. Bigger tummy 

At 8 months, my tummy is noticeably bigger than it was last time too! It's so huge, that people kept asking me if I might be carrying twins, maybe triplet! Hehe. Checkout the progress of my baby bumps ;)

8 weeks

16 weeks

19 weeks

29 weeks

34 weeks

7. Severe backpains

Due to my very big tummy,  at 8 months, it makes walking sometimes painful too, especially at the pelvic bones. It does not help that my back (especially near the spinal cord) is always throbbing. Some suggest that I get myself pregnancy belt to support my growing tummy, tapi haihhhh.. malasnyaaa nak carik/beli. Lucky thing I have Mr Husband who's ever so kind to help massage my back whenever I need them. :) Thanks sayang, I love you long time! <3>

8. More prepared

Due to my experience with Aydein, this time around, I know what to expect, what to buy and what to get even before the baby is out. And I ended up getting...

9. Can't sleep well

I'm not sure why they say boys are usually more active than girls, because my unborn baby girl kicks a whole lot of storm even more frequent than Aydein did, as far as I can remember! In fact, she's so active, it makes sleeping ever so difficult compared to last time!

10. Weight gain!
Ah, this is the best part. When I was carrying Aydein, I put on a whopping 20 kilos, thinking that it would make a big, chubby baby. But waddayaknow? Last-last Aydein keluar 2.75kg je! ;p This time around, I learnt that eating a lot does not guarantee a big baby, so believe it or not my weight gain up to this day is just 10kgs! Yeay! :P Doctor assured that my baby girl is growing well too, though so that's a double yeay for me, alhamdulillah! :P

However, some things do remain the same for both pregnancies (good and bad), like :

1. I have no morning sickness throughout both pregnancies, alhamdulillah
2. I have gestational diabetes during both pregnancies
3. I carry my tummy high, like I'm carrying a boy. So kata orang tua "kalau girl, perot lebor" tu tipu ler ;p

Let's see how the third pregnancy turns out like in the future, shall we? Eh jap. Third pregnancy? :P Last but not least, please do pray that everything goes well for me and my baby okay darlings? <3>


Aku & Dia said...

hahaha..chaiyok2 kak!!..

gigih sungguh!

ReeneeRaaid said...

lots of baju there :)
semua cute2 stuff

Thara said...

Aku & Dia:
Salam kenal :) Hehehe this time semangat sket ;p

Lots of baju becoz baby girls bajus are very hard to resist! ;p

Airin Diana Anuar said...

take care dear!
yes, second pregnancy usually pretty different from the first one. but one thing for sure, the labor will be a lot smoother ;)

Golden Lounge said...

cantiknya your color blok! sukesuke. Congrats on your pregnancy..take care!

obagi nu derm starter kit said...

congratulation and take care dear!
yes, second maternity typically pretty totally different from the primary one. however one issue evidently, the labor are going to be lots power tool ;)