Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Letter To My Secret Santa

Dear Secret Santa,

Isn't it wonderful that Nuffnang has this super fun tradition of exchanging gifts among the Nuffies every year during this time? I dont know about you, but I think it's cool that they make each of us choose our Santee randomly and that we have to get gifts for our Santee secretly!

I have thought about that perfect gift to give to my Secret Santee, what about you? Have you, my Secret Santa, thought of that perfect gift you would get for me? *bats eyelashes* :) :) :)

I know getting that perfect gift for me could be a headache, but here's me being a sweetheart and listing down things I would love to have, *coughs coughs* just in case you need help getting that perfect gift for me! :D

It doesn't take a lot to make me happy really! Here are some of the things that I would LOVE to get this Christmas! :)

1) Makeup set

I love, love, love makeup! Among my favorite brands that are sold at wallet-friendly price are Topshop, Maybelline, The Body Shop, Silky Girl & Elianto. But if you're feeling generous and would like to spend more, you can also get some from Estee Lauder, Shizens, Bobbi Brown and Lancome! :D

2) ThePopLook Maxi Dress/Tops

I've been eyeing these for a while now. They are from ThePopLook and I would forever love you if you could get me 1 of these and match them up with some matching accessories to meet the budget! :D

3) Jewelries/Accessories Set

Just like any other girl, I love bangles, rings, bracelets, necklaces and everything pretty! Doll me up with all these and I'll be one happy camper.

4) Sushi Vouchers


Those who knew me would know that I absolutely love sushi. A LOT. So much so I could finish 10 sushi plates all by myself. Maybe even more! My favorite sushi place is Zanmai Sushi, so it would be great if you could get me vouchers from there! I am also a fan of Sakae Sushi so if you want, you can make my tummy happy and feed me sushis! :D

5) Pampering Vouchers For 2!

I am in dire need of a good, pampering session at a good manicure/padicure/spa centres! It would be lovely if you could get me vouchers for 2 though, at least I would have someone to talk to while getting pampered. :) :) I do not mind those from group buying websites even, just make sure it is near to Shah Alam/Subang area as I live in that area!

And.. that's about it! See I told you it's easy to make me happy! I mean, it's not like I am asking for an LV bag *coughs* or a Chanel *coughs coughs* or a Birkin *coughs coughs coughs* :P

I promise I've been good this year, Santa, and I look forward to see the surprise you have in store for me! :D

Love <3 ,




Hehehe soo sweet.. senang bila dah kasi list.. tak perlu pening pening kepala nak fikir2 lagi kan..

btw nice meeting you again at NAPBAS.. the first time I met you is ata nuffnang astro beyond event @ mont kiara.. =)

minah senget said...

wow that great ....
part SPA paling best !!

Nizam Ijam said...

hehehehhe cantik2

ReeneeRaaid said...

i just love reading your blog. nice to meet u at NAPBA :) keep in touch!

Thara said...

adza :
yeap, at least my Secret Santa would give me what I want kan! :P yeah, twas nice meeting u too! hope to see u again in the future! :)

minah :
kannnn! hehehe. but i love what my Secret Santa got me nonetheless though, she got me a makeup palette! <3

nizam :
cantik gila! :P

reenee :
thanks reenee, do come back always k! :) twas nice meeting u at NAPBAS too! u looked beautiful that night, reminded me of ikin mawi :P