Monday, December 6, 2010

Adam's 2nd Birthday Party

If you think that only adults know how to party, then you have yet to meet my friends and I!

You see, my friend Adam just turned 2 a few weeks back and we were invited to his birthday bash. Unlike many birthday parties I attended earlier, the best thing about this party is it was held at Kizsport Centre, OU.

Wait. Hey, I remember this place! I followed mama to this place a couple of months back for Nuffnang's bloggers event. No wonder everything looked so familiar then! :P

My family and I arrived quite late that day because we were busy looking for the perfect gift for my buddy. In the end, we bought a train set for him. Hope you liked it, buddy!

As soon as we arrived, I joined my buddies at the play area. It was so much fun, I wish I could keep the rides to myself!

Shortly after that we were brought to a private room where the birthday was held. The moment I stepped into the room, I was overjoyed! There were balloons everywhere! But before I knew it, my tummy was growling. Lucky for me, they had kids' food served on the table. Mmm yummy!

When it was time for cake cutting ceremony, as usual, all of us gathered around the birthday boy and sang a birthday song to him. Oh, did I tell you the cake was delicious? I couldn't get enough!

After that, we all gathered to take group photo together. Introducing, your future football stars, ladies and gentlemen! :D

Of course, what's a party without fun and games? Once I was refilled, I wasted no time and dived into the pool of balls! The pool was just like what I had on my party, only bigger, with more balls!

Before we went back, we took along with us a little gift from Adam's mummy.

Thanks again Adam and family for having us. We had tons of fun! Until we meet again! ;)

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mommynadia said...

Aunty was so happy Aydein had tons of fun that day!
and ur present was superb n perfectly perfect for ur buddy, dear..
mana taknye..till now train tu asyik melekat aje kat tgn Adam ;)
I'm sure he was so happy with the pressie ..thanks Aydein!

thanks again for joined us!
babe,I copy this link to my blog, ek ;)tqtq

hushuss said...

Thara, bila Huspa baca this post, rasa mcm I am reading Aydein's blog, not yours. hahaha....rasanya Aydein can share this blog with you once he knows how to type.

We had so much fun at Adam's birthday party!

Thara said...

nadia :
yeay, ure most welcome! good to hear that adam enjoys the present we got for him! tak sia-sia pusing satu mall carik that gift for him :P

ps : sure, sila sila. :)

huspa :
hahaha. that's what my friends always say. ada yang siap suroh i tulis buku utk budak2 sbb derang rasa i bole tulis buku! hahaha. lawak la depa ni kan. :P

yeah, that's my only hope. bukan saje i nak dia share blog ni dgn i nanti, but also something for him to read bila dia besa nanti, mcm mana mama dia record cerita dia masa dia kecik2 dulu. :) i wish our parents had done the same for us. buat dalam diary pon bole je kan. it would've been nice! :)

ps : kan! the party was so much fun!

worryfather said...


First, welcome back.. :D

why most of the photo are your son? hahaa.. just kidding..

Wah, you allow Aydein to eat french fries already?
We still not allow our daughter to eat yet so that she will eat proper meal instead of asking for junk food..

Nadine said...

Babe, I dh checkitdout! Hihi :)

We had fun @ Adam's Bash too. First time la pegi kids gym ni katakan, dgn mommy Faaz skali excited. ups! :P

I suka sgt tgk Aydein makan that day. He really enjoyed the food even while ppl took his photos. Fadzil panggil Aydein baby kocik yg comel..dia kata he felt like a giant bila diri sblah Aydein :D

Thara said...

worryfather :
aww thanks for the warm welcome! :)

hahaha actually, the same question stroke my mind once I re-read my blog entry after publishing it. but lazy to add summore pictures of the birthday boy ler. hehehe.

yeah, we tried not to at first actually. but my little family go out a lot, u see. and when we go out, we tend to eat at a lot of new places too. and aydein has a big appetite nowadays. whatever we eat, he wants it too! so it's hard to control what goes into his system once he starts making a scene at a restaurant! in the end, we just close one eye sometimes and let him indulge once in a while lah. like the other day at this party, he was all for the food!

but at home, whatever that goes into his system, is just healthy, homecook meal! :)

Thara said...

nadine :
ooh that was ur first time? takpe. kitorang yang dah banyak kali time pon, still excited pegi sana sebab our kids excited, jadik automatic parents pon excited! haha. it was a good choice of place to hold a birthday party kan? :)

oh babe, like i told u in your blog comment. aydein has a sudden big appetite nowadays! sume pon dia nak telan, it's scary sometimes! jangan besa nanti jadik belon mcm mama dia dah la :P

hahaha. baby kecik yang comel? thats so cute! :P seriously, looking at aydein, sometimes i still do feel like he looks like a baby, still. somehow he still has that baby-ish look to him compared to his other buddies! :P

stevenjared0853 said...

Amazing! this looks like one of the San Francisco venues where I celebrated my daughter’s birthday last month. This is a superb post, I am sure the party would have been fun. The pictures show it all. the little one is so adorable and I can’t take my eyes off him.