Monday, January 4, 2010

Mom Bloggers Unite!

A big smile crept onto my face as I made my way to Ruzanna's (also known as Anne) house last Friday to celebrate her son's first birthday. Finally!, I thought excitedly. Finally today will be the day where I get to meet the 3 beautiful mums I have known only by pictures and blog entries for the past few months!

As though reading my thoughts, as soon as I took off my shoes, a pretty host lady in white & green came to welcome me into her house with a beaming smile. It was Anne! And as soon as I stepped into her house, a pleasant surprise washed over me again as I was greeted by another familiar looking lady with a very chubby baby. It was Nadia!

Please ignore the two big "tree trunks" of mine. Thank you.

As predicted, Nadia was as friendly in person as she is in the virtual world. (Virtual world? Haha. Bunyik klaka la pulak. :P) I spent most of the time chatting away with her and playing with her very cute and very chubby baby boy, Adam.

Geram kan? Rasa macam nak penyek2 je! Believe it or not, Adam is a fully breastfed baby! Lucky Adam to have a committed mummy like Nadia!

Something was amiss though. Where was Nuurill? And the famous Imran – the birthday boy?

My question was answered a few minutes later when Nuurill (looking as pretty as usual) came down, accompanied by Anne with a cake in their hands. It turned out that there was another baby who just turned 1 that very same day, so we sang another round of birthday song to the adorable baby!

But even after all that, I still could not see the famous Imran anywhere in sight. It turned out that Imran was actually upstairs, taking his nap, so Aien and I decided to help ourselves with the yummy food served on the table while waiting for the celebrated one to come down. The food was good, although I could not take much. Yes. Sadly, I'm still struggling to lose my pregnancy weight, so food becomes my #1 enemy lately. Sedeh ok!

Not long after that, the awaited one came down and I spared no time to say hello to him! He is such an adorable baby okay. Look at those big round eyes!

Imran - the Birthday Boy!

The day was filled with loads of fun, laughter, babies and .. saliva.

Aydein licking the goodie bag.

Aydein licking the knick-knack toy.

Aydein licking his fingers.

Yes. That's what Aydein is good at lately - licking everything and anything. Anyhow, it definitely was a good gathering and a memorable one, indeed! I went back with smiles on my face and new 2010 resolutions with me!

To be SLIM like ANNE.
To look HAWT like NUURILL.

No, seriously! :D Needless to say, I definitely had a good time meeting up with the mums, Aien had a good time knowing the dads and Aydein had a good time playing with Adam, Oman and Imran! It's amazing how a simple comment left in blog entry could blossom into a beautiful friendship like this! :)

From left : Nadia (with Adam), Nuurill (with Oman), Yours Truly (with Aydein), Anne (with Imran)

To all the mummies, we should really do this again sometime soon! To the birthday boy Imran, may these moments of smiles and joys grow year after year! HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY, Imran! :)


RuZaNNa said...

Banyaknya pujiaann.. mcm cerita dongeng pulak.. hahaha.. anyway, apology again that we didn't catch up that much at all!.. tuan rumah sungguh yg amat busy okkk.. hope Nadia and Nuurill kept you company :)
YES! we should do this again.. potluck at anyone's house.. tp i dtg dgn maid ler.. sbb suami nun jauh kat seberang lautan tuhh.. heheh

mommynadia said...

aaaww!terharu sungguh baca entry kali ni..:)
the 1st pic make me screamed..OMG,mommy need to go for diet..!Ask my hubby.."my tight nmpk besar kan?"..he replied..a'a la..dushdush!!:(tidak..say it wrong angle thara..!:)
Neway its a happy gathering..nice to meet all of u..tak sangka,thru motherhood boleh unite us..potluck??I may need to find nearest big apple or secret recp..tak pandai masak:(..huhu..nway cant wait for that..

mommaholicSURI said...

I am the biggest among all of u mommies!!!!! argh!!.. i pun nak slim macam Anne!! hehehe.... Let's pursue this in 2010. Insya Allah.

Thara, i pun terharu sangat baca entry u ni tau!! and i am so glad dapat jumpa u. X sangka sungguh.

Mommies, I totally agree that we should have another dating berjemaah at some other times! :)

RuZaNNa said...

Wahai rakan2 mommies..
Sy rasa anda semua kena pakai cermin mata ni.. sejak bila la pulak i ni slim? memakai skirt adalah satu cara untuk menyembunyikan peha bak kayu balak dan bontot bak tong drum tau..
Oh.. jgn lihat pada tgn sy.. sbb tgn tuh mmg tak pernah nak gemuk ok.. hehehe..
I'm in the same size as all of you laaa.. so mari kita sama2 berusaha untuk back to before pregnant figure!!!

Thara said...

Anne :
again, thanks for having us! and yes potluck definitely sounds like a good idea! set a date and time. kalau nak tunggu until ikhwan balik dulu pon bole. no rush ;) and no, u memang kurus ok! tapayah nak nafikan lagi. apa secret u babe? jamu dari indon kah? hehehe.

Nadia :
tu la u. so happy to meet all of u too! alah tak pandai masak pon hentam je u. i pon bukan pandai sgt. penah sekali buat lemak kuning, lemak kuning tu rasa masin pon ade, masam pon ada. lemak kuning apetu? :P

Nuurill :
that is such a lie ok! u are SO NOT the biggest! I AM! (haha dah sebok sape lagi besa pulak :P) tapi betol la u. u nampak mcm maintain je. cuba buat entry before and after pregnancy. misti tade byk beza punye. maseh maintain hot ok! :D

mommynadia said...

gals..ape2 pun yg tersembunyi dan terselindung..peha nadia tak dapat diselindung dlm picture tu...arrggghhh!!!sgt takut dan memalukan!!..:(
gv me back my figure..(walaupun dulu tak lah slim mane..)mommies..I dah include mission to look slim as "anne" my another 2010 KPIs..wish me luck dear..oh my swimming I come ..grrr..!

RuZaNNa said...

Rumah ada swimming pool ek? boleh tak imran nak tumpang swimming.. so boleh test drive pelampong yg die dpt tuh :)
Btw, jgn pressure sgt pasal peha tuh.. fara fafau tuh pun peha besar.. tp popular jugak.. hehehhe..

mommynadia said...

haha..Anne biasalah sharing swimming pool kat apartment ni hah..boley2,jom kita bukak swimming class for our babies..
fafau lain..Anne..:(

btw Thara,sorry lah duk bermsg at ur blog..:)neway Thara,at least u dah ada try buat masak

Thara said...

nadia :
hehe tade pape lah. i pon nak join gi swimming dgn u babes jugak! calling calling lah ok! bwk babies kita mandi mandi skalik! :D

anne :
fara fafau byk duit bole pi LWM or MFBL anytime! i ni nak cekau duit dkt mana nak pi those beauty centres! swimming + exercise the old hard way la nampaknya :P

maniscinta said...

woww..bestnyerr!!..biarla tak kenal pon..nak nyibuk...

huhuh...lamanyer tak tgk internet..iskk...